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Welcome to TwinSpark Racing. We sell high quality performance parts for classic Porsche cars to European enthusiasts and specialists. Through our TwinSpark Garagiste Gruppe, we offer up to 15% discount on our products to Porsche garages across Europe.

All of our Porsche 911 products are suitable for street and track. We test everything we sell in historic racing, so you can trust our parts to work. The TwinSpark Racing Porsche 911 3.0 RSR is the 2011 Dutch Historic GT Champion: that’s how good our equipment is.

In our workshop and garage only the finest precision instrument engineers work. This contributes to an environment suitable for satellite construction in terms of cleanliness. TwinSpark Racing & Engineering has extensive machinery and the knowledge to provide some exclusive and advanced modification and machining services for gearbox housings and engine parts.

TwinSpark Racing is the exclusive European distributor for WEVO parts. We supply EB Motorsport lightweight parts and their bespoke Porsche slide and high-butterfly throttles. We are partners with Zuffenhaus USA, holding physical stock of Zuffenhaus 911 RSR and 917 brake calipers, and their handmade bespoke leather steering wheels, boss kits and horn buttons, ready for overnight delivery. We also supply our own fuel injection throttle bodies and MFI pumps to road, race and rally Porsche enthusiasts all over the world. More products are arriving all the time. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!

We match our pricing as closely as possible to those quoted elsewhere in the world. Within the EU, we can deliver in days, without the hassle associated with imports from overseas.

If you wish to get in contact with the Twinspark Racing Team feel free to contact us. TwinSpark speaks many languages. Contact us in English, Francais, Deutsch, Castellano, Portugues and Nederlands, or call us on +31 611072440. We are looking forward to help you further.





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